Thousands of our images are stored in our database. You can search by keyword, common or scientific (latin) name and view the images in small thumbnails or larger versions with complete caption and keywording data.
We have embedded keywords into all images to respond to more targeted searches. The scope of your search results is determined by your selection of keywords.
To start searching images use the menu on the right of every page.
The “last photos” page contains our recent works.
The “random images” page will give you the opportunity to discover images that you would have never looked for.

Your lightbox is personal to you and your computer only. If you are a professional user, you may register for a lightbox (it’s free!). This enable you to keep your favourite images together for a specific project.
If you wish to license an image that is in your lightbox, please fill the "price query form" and add your contact information in the fields when asked.

Image files can be delivered via FTP, E-mail or sent on CD/DVD.
We normally send high resolution compressed jpeg images by email or FTP (preferred). If you prefer not to receive digital files, we can send you high quality photographic prints, but there is a charge for making custom prints and for postage.

Scan Resolution

Some of our images consists of ~55MB high res TIFF scans, but any image can be scanned larger on request at for an additional fee.

Color Management
In an effort to prepare digital images that meet industry standards as well as client expectations with regard to colour and consistency, we have adopted the following standards. When working with digital images, the RGB space we work in is "Adobe RGB (1998)". To calibrate our monitors we use ColorVision's Spyder2PRO and its accompanying OptiCal software, with a color temperature of 6500K (D65) and gamma of 2.2.

Monitor Adjustment
It is important to have your monitor adjusted properly in order to view our photographs or, for that matter, any website which displays images for which an effort is made to control colour in a consistent, industry standard manner. This means setting your monitor, either with its built-in on-screen controls or through software, so that the grey are rendered without any colour cast and so that you can discern detail in shadows and in highlights.


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