March 2017

March 2017

Recently I attended the Festisub, the show of underwater images in Neuchatel ( Switzerland), giving a presentation of my (random) best images.

The show was at its fifteenth edition and I was surprised about the amount of people coming in at every hours, until dead of night. The organization of the show was flawless and passionate. And the passion of the organizers was clear by the calibre of the images and video shown, from Laurent Ballesta (live on stage) to Alex Mustard, from Christophe Cheysson (live on stage) to Erick Higuera, Francois Sarano and Guillaume Vincent, Kevin Peyrusse (live on stage) et Hugo Braconnier, Pete West and Daniel Stoupin, Daniel Strub and many others.

I trust to be there next year, with more images showing the beauty and the charm of the unfathomable oceans.     



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