Wildlife Photo Tour Dominica  (Jan - Feb 2018 )

Join us in an unbelievable trip to Dominica, where we'll have daily in-water activities with sperm whales, the largest of the toothed whales, in the warm and clear water of   Caribbean
In Dominica, sperm whales are spotted in pods (families) up to 8 quiet animals; normally they allow quiet swimmers to approach rather close for the happiness of whales’ lovers and underwater photographers.

This behaviour is rather unusual because generally whales are rather shy and wary of animals sized about 2m long, being this the size of their main predators : pilot whales and killer whales.  But in the Caribbean there are few orcas and the need to be wary decreases.
The daily activities of adults consist in : breathe, dive, eat, surface, breathe again. Repeat. But in the shelter waters of Dominica they find places for sleeping close to the surface, for socializing gathering in group and resting vertically in the shallow water, for giving birth and leaving the cubs alone or with the nanny-whale close to the surface, waiting the return of the mothers to have a lavish suck.

Sperm Whales.
The sperm whale is truly an animal of extremes.   The sperm whale is the largest toothed whale: males can reach up to 18 metres and weigh up to 60 metric tonnes, while the females are about a third shorter and half as heavy.    It also has the largest brain and the longest intestine on the planet.A sperm whale's life is similar to humans and other long lived mammals. Sperm whale mothers are pregnant for about 15-18 months. Calves are born at about 4m and the average weight at birth is around 1 metric tonne. Sperm whales nurse for at least 3 years during which time they do not appear to dive deeply with their mothers. As a result, other members of the calf's family remain at the surface to babysit while its mother is at depth feeding.

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