Wildlife Photo Tour Walruses and Polar Bears Svalbard ( 15 to 30 June 2018 )

Don't lose this opportunity to enjoy your trip of a lifetime : join us. We are organizing an expedition to one of the wildest countries reimained on Earth : the Svalbard archipelago.

We will sail through the waters of the Norwegian High Arctic archipelago, to take advantage of unique photo opportunities. We will explore the western-northern areas of the archipelago, until the remotest islands of northern territory, the Nord-Austlandet.

Focused in searching for wildlife --such as polar bears, walruses, seals, birds and whales--  we will admire unbelievable sceneries from a privileged observation point : the deck of a sailing boat.
We will search for polar bears, the symbol of the Arctic, and will observe this majestic mammal in its own environment. And we’ll see huge walruses, bearded and ringed seals, arctic foxes, and reindeer, plunged in the legendary midnight sun: the ethereal light of the northern summer, when the sun never sets.

We will be only five guests plus one skipper.

Contact us for details and to reserve your space.



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