Wildlife Photo Tour Mato Grosso ( August/September 2018 )

Join us in an unexpected trip in Pantanal, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. We have organized a trip to observe the elusive world of crystal clear springs and flooded forest. The natural beauties of Mato Grosso hosts legendary wildlife of the Amazon. The main target of this tour are fresh water sting rays, caimans, anacondas, piranhas, school of fishes; but pink river dolphins, scarlet macaws and jaguars can be easily added upon specific request. You have the opportunity to stay one or two weeks, at your convenience.

This is a wildlife photo-expedition, not a workshop nor a photo course. We will have plenty of time to talk about wildlife and photography, but this trip it is open to everybody wants to enjoy a unique experience to observe the elusive and rare viewed animals of Pantanal.

Rough programme

We will arrive in Bonito, a cosy and rather touristic village of Mato Grosso do Sul, and spend few days enjoying the crystal clear springs and rivers. Then we will explore remote locations in the elusive flooded forest of Pantanal, in search of wildlife.

Based in small and clean resorts, we will move daily for excursions with van and small boat for the observation of wildlife ; diving (free diving and/or scuba diving) and/or snorkelling.

Guaranteed small groups of people (for each group, four to six persons are recommended) and amazing encounters.
Excursion are operated in association with biologists and naturalist guides.

Obviously, interaction with wild animals is not guarantee as it depends upon the animals themselves and the weather conditions.
The same, due to the weather conditions, I cannot previously guarantee we’ll follow a fixed programme. A certain flexibility is required in order to have the best results.
August is a good season in Pantanal and we should not have any problems related with the weather.

LANGUAGE: English, German, Italian, French.
Please contact if you are interested and want to have more details and price.


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