Commercial Assignments

Franco is available for commercial assignments, that include editorial work, commercial and pubblishing projects, exhibitions, promo & marketing materials, Underwater Works not related to photography.

I'm available not only for assignment works related to wildlife, environments, etc. but also for variety of professional photography and non- photography services:

Private Images Archive. Commercial projects for marketing / advertising campaigns (i.e. National Tourism Office and/or International Organizations photo-libraries, private or public companies’ campaigns, etc.).
My staff and I can work to offer high quality digital photographs as well as unique and
complete projects, ready to be edited, or to cooperate with the team of persons involved in the project (designers, art directors, printers, etc.).

-    Promotional and Corporate photography. Photographs for your events (press conferences, special meetings, product launches, entertainment, etc.) highlighting your brand, products and services. I take images that grab the attention and optimize your chances for media pick-up.

-    Exhibitions, educational materials, lectures, etc. Programs can be tailored to specific audiences.  Lectures can also offer anecdotes about the assignments and some “behind-the-scenes” of the shot, explaining how the photographs have been realized.

Tips about how to carry out an assignment are often winning for the audience.

-    Cameraman for underwater geophysical survey, cable route or pipelines surveys, etc.. Inspection and video or photo documentations of underwater jobs, devices. Pre and post documentation (video and / or photos) of underwater jobs, devices.

-    Photo-courses and workshops.

I am available for commercial assignment on locations anywhere in the world, from warm to cold water and even extreme conditions, from salt to fresh water.

For information concerning assignment rates and availability, please contact:

Franco Banfi Photography
Via Camana 7                                           Phone: +41 (0)91 9435694
6965 Cadro                                               Fax    : +41 (0)91 9435694
Switzerland                                               Email:


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