I get asked frequently what kind of equipment I use. In recent years the field of photographic devices had been shaken by the power digital technology, which has radically changed the way to work, opening new opportunities that before were unrealizable or too much difficult to shot. The luminous sensitivity captured by the sensors offers some new workspaces to experience and different approaches at the photography.

Underwater shooting

Actually, my favored camera body is the Canon EOS5D MKIII, a versatile camera I can use in rough environment conditions. I also use a Canon EOS5D MKII. They  work fine in underwater world.
For normal assignment, I usually take two or three cast-aluminium Seacam housings, fitted out with the suitable domes or ports, in accordance with the lenses. Sometime I test the prototypes of other manufactures.
About lenses, I generally use the Canon 15mm fish-eye, 16-35mm zoom and a Canon's wide angle 24mm, these are the most convenient for the wide-angle images I like to shot. For close-up work, the 100mm IS macro is my favourite.
As strobes I use now 2 Seacam SeaFlash 150, they are powerfull, small and work fine in TTL mode. I still keep using my others Sea and Sea strobes: YS 300 and YS 30 as slave in manual mode; they don’t work in TTL mode with the digital camera. I recently started using 2 x Inon Z-240, very practical for their size, weight and power.The strobes are connected to the housings with the TLC arms: lighter and more practical than other.
A Sola Photo 1200 from Light & Motion point light works fine to focus in dark situations.
Thanks to the quality of the digital technology I can shoot most of my images with ISO setting of 100 ASA and pushing to 200 or more in dark situation.
All equipment is stored in different HPRC | High Performance Resin Cases.

Land shooting

As land cameras I use both Canon EOS1D MKIV and Canon EOS5D MKIII. This solution is lighter and practical.
For wildlife, I add a couple of tele lens at the lenses I use in underwater world: the 70-200mm and the 300mm f: 2.8.
A Canon 600EX II Speedlite strobe is fine for lighting in dark situation or to weaken the shadows.
In my Lowepro bag there is always place for some polarized filters and to store enough memory cards 4 GB to 16 GB.
All these items function thanks to the Energizer lithium batteries, which are not affected either from the humidity and the cold temperatures.
Even if it is not often easy to use, due to the environment conditions, a Gitzo tripod with a Really Right Stuff Ballhead is a great help to realize good pictures in wildlife field.
In the world of digital photography, nothing will ever keep me apart from my laptop MacBook Pro, both to download the images and then start to watch and caption them during my travel. I need a couple of external Lacie HD, where I make the copy of the images downloaded on the computer.


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