Sabrina is an Italian lady, graduated in 1985.
In the last few years she documented wildlife and human interaction with underwater marine creatures. The aims for this kind of publications is to increase worldwide awareness of the majestic sixth continent, that covers the 70% of the surface of Earth, the “blue planet”. Oceans are the widest habitat on earth, but it is the lesser known yet.
As a free-lance, she writes reportages for the main European magazines, as regards underwater, naturalistic and tourist arguments. She has a rising passion for scientific spreading and is deeply interested in conservation programs. She also works as translator for PADI Europe.
When writing, she tries to share with the readers the emotions she experienced on wildlife fields, without forget to explain the scientific or naturalistic topics related to the matter of the story.
She collaborates with her partner, photographer Franco Banfi, on fieldwork and often she appears as model in the underwater images took by Franco.
Sabrina is a skilled diver and she feels at her ease into underwater environment, both tropical warm salted water and iced sweet lakes or rivers water. She has no kind of problems in approaching even the potentially dangerous creatures and has a naturally bent to stay underwater for endless dives.
She cooperates with Franco in managing the photography works: she deals with potential and investigation of the projects, research of the locations, study of the sources, draft of the texts, and so on.
In recent years, field assignments have taken the couple to out-of-tracks destinations to covers subjects ranging from wildlife in Peninsula Valdes (Argentina) to Nusa Penida (Bali island), from San Benedicto Island (Revillagigedo Archipelago) to Aldabra atoll (Seychelles).
She lives in the northern part of Italy, in a cosy village close to Garda Lake.

Franco & Sabrina

Their enthusiasm toward aquatic animals continued, as they grew up their playground naturally expanded to the more diverse, fascinating world of the ocean.

“We often find ourselves working with people of various cultures and vocations. Gaining their trust is the key in being able to make the type of pictures that truly tell a story.” Franco & Sabrina continue to pursue stories that will increase awareness about the sea. “Our hope is to continually realize stories that both celebrate the wonderful of the sea’s creatures and also highlight environmental problems. Photography can be a powerful instrument for document and change the mind of people who doesn’t yet know about ocean’s troubles.”

Sabrina & Franco recently teamed up to realize the book Underwater Planet (2008), the stock of underwater images library for the Papua New Guinea Tourism Board (2007) and the diving guide of Croatia for the Croatian National Diving Agency (2008).


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